15 last minute car accessory Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is almost here, but if you are like me, and wait to do your shopping until the last minute, then this list is for you.  Sometimes buying a new vehicle for your loved one isn’t always an option because of the cost.  Times can be tight during the holidays,  however, buying a car accessory for a person who loves their car is always a nice gesture and comes at a fraction of the cost.

This list is broken down into categories, and the items listed are all highly rated and reviewed on Amazon.

Car Wax / Polishers

Keeping your car clean in the winter is important, especially with all the dirt and salt that can build up.  By doing so, you can prevent future rust from occurring.  Applying a strong coat of car wax before the winter hits will help significantly in this area.

Car organizers to help reduce clutter

If you have a small compact car, or a large SUV, car organizers will help reduce clutter and keep your vehicle organized.  Purchasing one of these organizers for my trunk helped me significantly, especially with my wife who treats our back seat and trunk like her own personal closet.

USB Car Chargers

A lot of new cars have built in USB chargers for your cell phone, but for those that do not, or do not have enough (for multiple people) charging ports, a USB car charger is a great idea to have.  They are also fairly cheap and make a great stocking stuffer.

Car Dash Cams

A dash cam is an on-board camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle’s windshield.  They can provide video evidence in case of an accident and can even provide footage while you are absent during the times your vehicle is parked.  They also make for capturing some crazy (and sometimes hilarious) YouTube videos.

Car Drop Stopper

How many times have you dropped your keys, cell phone, or coins down the side of your seat and struggled to retrieve those items? For me, this happens on a weekly basis.  One time I even dropped my cell phone down the side of my car and scratched my screen trying to get it free from underneath the seat. If only I had one of these car drop stoppers!

All images and descriptions within this article were taken from Amazon.ca.  No affiliate links were added within content, which means we are not personally trying to push any of these items on you.  All research was done based off user reviews, which you can read for yourself on each product page.

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